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2020 Hosts and Guests

I opted to leave out the plot for that data because oh boy so many people, so I hope everyone will be happy with the table.
It was artisanally crafted as a gift to The Incomparable panelists and fans <3

A Searchable Table of All The nice People*

* All the nice people and Philip Mozolak

Here's a searchable and sortable list of all the episodes released in 2020 (UTC, no freedom timestamps, sorry). There are multiple rows per episode, because each person gets their own row, which should make it a little easier to find out which person aprticipated in which episode. Because manually searching through would be almost like work.

As a bonus, here's a proportional chart of all people having appeared on at least 10 occastions throughout 2020. Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to make out individual podcasts because there just aren't as many distinctive colors as there are shows on the Incomaparable network :(

2020 Shows

TL;DR TeeVee is basially cheating.

2020 Episodes

In 2020, The Incomparable published 1967298s (~3.25 weeks) of content. That's a lot. In case you were wondering what time is.

Yearly Episode Output

All in all, The Incomparable published 15550305s (~25.71 weeks) of content, which is a number that exists as a concept in your head but not in reality.