I would like to do a lot more with this, but currently time is scarce.
However, I want to fulfill Jason's request, since I would love to be worthy of the title of record keeper.

Since its first episode on August 22, 2010, The Incomparable has accumulated 761 hours of content (roughly 32 days) across 553 episodes.

The latest episode in the current dataset:

number date title host guest
549 2021-01-17 Future of the Future Jason Snell Jean MacDonald;Anže Tomić;Erika Ensign;David J. Loehr;James Thomson


2020 Panelists

All Time Stats

Here are some rankings of panelists (including hosts) across different metrics / subsets.
Special bonus episodes are not included (507b, 506b, 337b, 173z).

By Number of Appearances

Nothing special, just "appears in episode" counts.

By Segment

The segments the dataset knows about, with episode count:

category n
General 388
Book Club 70
Comic Book Club 31
Rocket Surgery 23
Old Movie Club 22
Video Game Club 15

Ranks and % withing each segment.

By Duration of Appearance

Duration per episode in which each person appears, one episode can count towards multiple people's total of course.


Because that's the easy one.

By Year

Per Person